Release Dates

Pre-Order Release Dates:

Below is a grid of when we expect to receive Pre-Ordered Items from Funko.  Please refer to this list before asking support.  All items not on this list are most likely en-route at this time. 

Dates are subject to change and are out of our control. We do not hold sets back. Once the entire set has arrived it begins shipping that day. Funko does not provide all retailers with products at the same time.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Pop 10/24/2018
Blink 182  10/20/2018
Gremlins 2 10/20/2018
Tom and Jerry 10/21/2018
Dorbz Pennywise 10/24/2018
Goku Ultra instinct 10/28/2018
Cuphead Wave 2 10/30/2018
Fallout Wave 2 10/30/2018
Animated Spider-Man 10/30/2018
Overwatch Wave 3 10/31/2018
Talespin 11/1/2018
Minecraft Adventure time 11/1/2018
Shohei Ohtani 11/3/2018
Pop Monsters 11/7/2018
Clone Wars 11/7/2018
Friends 11/7/2018
Power Rangers 11/7/2018
Game of Thrones Wave 9 11/7/2018
Harry Potter Advent Calendar 11/7/2018
Stranger Things Ornaments 11/7/2018
Coraline  11/14/2018
Dragon Ball Z Wave 4 11/14/2018
Riverdale Wave 2 11/14/2018
Christopher Robin 11/18/2018
Coraline  11/18/2018
Lost Boys 11/18/2018
Stranger Things Wave 3 11/18/2018
Kubo 11/20/2018
One Piece Mystery Minis 11/22/2018
One Piece Wave 3 11/22/2018
Brady Bunch 11/30/2018
Jack and Sally on Hill 11/30/2018
Marvel Holiday  12/1/2018
Infinity War Wave 2 12/6/2018
Twinkie The Kid 12/7/2018
The Flash 12/14/2018
5 Star NBC 12/20/2018
Aquaman 12/20/2018
Mickey's 12/20/2018
Star Wars Holiday 12/20/2018
Aquaman 12/20/2018
5 Star Horror 12/24/2018
Pop Shape of Water 12/24/2018
Venomized  12/27/2018
Venom  12/30/2018
Fantastic beasts 1/14/2019
Diehard 1/14/2019
Fortnite 1/24/2019
Notorious B.I.G 1/25/2019
Prince 1/25/2019
Ralph Breaks The Internet 1/31/2019
English Premier League 2/7/2019
Hikari XS: Dumbo - 2PK - Dumbo (Orange/Purple) Not Available
Hikari XS: Marvel - 2PK - Captain America (SL/LBL) Not Available
Target 15pc PDQ: Destiny/MST3/HB Not Available
The Grinch Released
90s Nick Dorbz Released
Big Boy Wave 2 Released
Big Mouth Released
Black Panther In Robes Released
Bullet Club Released
Carmen Sandiego Released
Cuphead Mystery Mini Released
DC 5 Star Released
Digimon Released
Dota 2 Released
Game of Thrones Released
Gargoyles Released
Harry Potter 5 Star Released
Harry Potter Wave 5 Released
I love Lucy Released
Jurassic World Wave 1 Released
Motley Crue Released
MOTU Pint Sized Heros Released
My Hero Academy Wave 2 Released
Pan's Labyrinth Released
Pickle Rick Plush Released
Police Rick and Morty Dorbz Released
Pop Ant Man Released
POP Baby Driver Released
Pop Black Panther Wave 2 Released
POP Coming to America Released
Pop Deadpool Parody Released
Pop Deadpool Playtime Released
Pop Destiny Released
Pop Directors: Guillermo del Toro Released
Pop Disney Doug Released
Pop Disney Nightmare Before Christmas (Shock, Lock, and Barrel) Released
POP Ed Sheeran Released
Pop Green Hornet Released
POP Halo Released
Pop IT Wave 2 Released
Pop Jetsons Released
Pop Krypto Released
Pop Moana Released
POP New Girl Released
Pop Pee-wee's Playhouse Released
Pop Rainbow Bright Released
POP Ride Deadpool & Scooter Released
Pop Sandlot Released
POP SW Movie Moment: TLJ - Kylo & Praetorian Guard Released
POP SW Movie Moment: TLJ - Rey & Praetorian Guard Released
Pop Tee Lando in Space Released
POP The Last Jedi Wave 2 Released
Pop The Princess Bride Released
POP TV Icon - Popeye Released
Pop WWE Wave 8  Released
POP  GLOW  Released
Sailor Moon Mystery Mini Released
Spyro Released
Stranger Things Released
Super Troopers  Released
The Incredibles Released
Tony Hawk Released
VYNL:MOTUS1-2pk-PrinceAdam/Cringer Released
Pop Jetsons Released
Gold Chrome Marvel Various Dates All by December


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