Big Apple Collectibles ~ Stranger Things ~ Ready for Summer!  ~ Mystery Box - FREE Shipping!

Big Apple Collectibles ~ Stranger Things ~ Ready for Summer! ~ Mystery Box - FREE Shipping!

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Limit 3 Per Customer ~ Ships 7/5

Get Your Special Mystery Box today for a chance to get one of these LIMITED pieces!!  The only way we can offer these fun boxes is by spreading the value of these special giveaway rates across the total number of boxes we sell.

PLEASE: Only one Mystery Box per customer.  NOTE: If your order more than 1 set you will most likely get duplicates. We only guarantee no duplicates when ordering a single box.. Best of luck!"

The boxes MAY contain one of the following New In Box Grails. 

 GOLD HOPPER Fundays 2018 LE 40 x1
Steve Ahoy Fundays 2018 x6
Robin Ahoy Fundays 2018 x6
Steve with Bat SDCC 2017 x6
Duffer Brothers LE x18

and many more Stranger Things EXCLUSIVES and CHASES!!!!!

Every box is has 5 DIFFERENT randomly inserted Stranger Things Funko Pops! with the chances of having one of the above inserted. The HIGHER END GRAILS will be shipped alone with extra protection to ensure no damage!

EVERY box is guaranteed a CHASE or EXCLUSIVE Stranger Things Funko Pop!

Purchasing multiple boxes does not guarantee that you will receive a Grail.

All boxes will be sealed and randomized, labels printed and randomized, and then all boxes shipped randomly!

ALL SALES ARE FINAL! There will be NO cancellations/returns/exchanges for these boxes! 

FREE SHIPPING is only offered for domestic customers. 


All products sold in NEW condition and are therefore flawless. See Defective Items and Shipping Damage below for clarifications.

Products Shrink Wrapped by The Manufacturer:

Shrink wrapped items supplied by the manufacturer that contain interior box items that cannot be inspected unless opened are exempted from the flawless condition stated above.  As an example combined (Funko pops and T-Shirt products) which are shrink wrapped are exempt from our mint guarantee.

Products Market as Damage in the Listing:

Items specifically listed for sale as damaged box merchandise are exempted from the flawless condition stated above.  Damage box merchandise will have a slightly damaged box without any tears or punctures and figures inside will have damage free.

Defective Items: If you receive an item with a manufacturer's defect, please contact us within 5 days of receiving your order to determine if the defect is in fact a replaceable issue. Images are required and all replacements are subject to our customer service discretion.  Slight manufacturing variations are not able to be replaced based on these variations, including but not limited to minor paint flaws or figure positioning. Blemishes to packaging will not be considered as part of a damaged figure.

Shipping Damage: If your purchase arrived damaged, please contact us as soon as possible to initiate a parcel damage claim. Please email with photographs of the package and damaged contents within 5 days of receipt of your products.  Minor packaging flaw that doesn't affect the contents is not considered a defect or damage for parcel insurance or refund claims. A small bend, scuff or indentation on exterior packaging can occur at any point in the manufacturing, supply or shipping processes.  We do NOT guarantee against shipping damage of the larger size Pop's that come from Funko in Box where any dimension is longer than 7 inches.  These larger boxes are just to flimsy for damage not to occur frequently during shipping even when carefully packaged in bubble wrap.  For reference most 4" pop are packaged in regular boxes which are 3.5" x 4.5" x 6.25" roughly. 

We also do NOT guarantee against shipping damage on items shipped out of the United States or to Hawaii/Puerto Rico/Alaska (International Shipments)