Planet Arlia Vegeta x2 Grail Hunt Mystery Box

Planet Arlia Vegeta x2 Grail Hunt Mystery Box

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EACH BOX IS GUARANTEED TO HAVE SIX  Pops Including ONE Exclusive Animation POP!  Only the exclusive is animation themed.  The other 5 pop's are randomized from our large selection of skus.

Each box will contain 6 Pops with the collective value over $69.94! 

These boxes can contain pops valued over $100 each. The only way we can offer these Grail's is by spreading the value of these over multiple boxes. All boxes will have a minimum of $69 of Product. 

PLEASE: Buy as many as you like and unlock free shipping when you buy 2 or more boxes. NOTE: If your order more than 1 Mystery Box you could get duplicates. To ensure randomization and fairness each box is packaged and sealed in advance, and for this reason we cannot prevent duplicates.

It's your chance to bring home one of these exclusive pieces and many more not listed:

Planet Arlia Vegeta (Valued at over $4000 each) x3
Galick Gun Vegeta CHASE 
Brook NYCC Exclusive 
Blue Spirit Zuko Chase 
Metallic Beerus 
Sasuke Rinnegan Chase
The Blue Spirit chase
Shanks CHASE
Trafalgar Law Chase
Red Eye Frieza
Many More!

Your purchase confirms you agree to our terms and conditions and you understand that not every box will have an extremely valuable Item. 

Best of luck!


All boxes will be sealed and randomized with shipping labels randomly affixed to each box.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL! NO cancellations/returns/exchanges.

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