TOY RESCUE: Marvel Funko Pop! Carnage #797 (Cletus Kasady Split) #797(Non-Mint)

TOY RESCUE: Marvel Funko Pop! Carnage #797 (Cletus Kasady Split) #797(Non-Mint)

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TOY RESCUE: Marvel Funko Pop! Carnage #797 (Cletus Kasady Split) #797(Non-Mint)


Having a split personality is one thing, but having to share your system with the Carnage symbiote? No thanks!

When serial killer Cletus Kasady gets bunked up at Ryker’s Island prison with a venomless Eddie Brock, his miserable life is set to change forever. With the symbiote in hot pursuit of Brock, Kassidy is in the right place to pick up a symbiote of his own. 

What came next was the most brutal, unforgiving sociopathic villain the Marvel Universe had ever seen, forcing Spider-Man to draw a truce with Venom in order to stop this destructive force. 

This Pop! features Cletus Kasady transforming into Carnage with a truly unique "split" design.

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